For over two century…

Marocchi was founded in 1821 in Casalfiumanese, near Imola.
Its founder started as blacksmith, focusing his activity on the artistic manufacturing of wrought iron.

The activity was modified according the exigencies of the market and in the ‘50s Marocchi became leader in Imola area as a producer of iron and aluminium door, window and frames for the building industry.

Our mission

Giving colour and harmony to volume and space has been the main reason of our work for years. A logn esperience just started!

The desire to create new forms (shapes) and new exhibiting methods for exhibition display stand design and for showroom project and design will constantly mark our work.

Creating new exhibiting concepts means to build up new opportunities and help you in achieving better results.

Our company today

The last generations in the ’80s, always attentive to the need of an ever-growing ceramic field, started a new kind of production to satisfy the new demand. That was the start of the new Enterprise Marocchi.

Today Marocchi supplies producers of ceramic tiles, hardwood, distributors and show rooms all over the World with ceramic tile display, revolving and rotating metal display.


Certificate issued by the Chamber of Commerce
to Giovanni Marocchi for 121 years of craftsmanship.

Certificate of “gold medal” issued to Marocchi Domenico
craftsman’s shop founded in 1821.